AML/KYC requirements

As we are an Information technology services provider (DevOps institution), holding incorporation issued by the UK govt companies house, We shall be obliged to comply with the requirements of the law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing of the UK and EU.

Therefore, by satisfying the requirements under the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing of the UK and EU, MHL will establish the Client’s identity and required services/software before the execution of the agreement.

MHL shall be entitled to request, and the Client shall be obliged to submit information, data, and documents, as well as to fill in questionnaires, provided by MHL to the Client and perform other actions that may be required to establish the Client’s identity to comply with the applicable law. We shall retain the right to re-establish the Client’s status at any time during the term of the agreement and in connection to that, to request to submit to MHL additional information, data and documents, fill in materials and perform actions.

Failure to comply with this requirement or the negative result of such re-establishment of the identity/description shall be subject to termination of this agreement with an immediate effect. In this case, any fund we received to our fintech account, we will return to the original sender source. Here charges will not cover by us.

Requirements regarding documents submitted by the Client

The Client must send duly certified copies of the documents required to establish the Client’s identity following the instructions provided by us or our service provider/partner. Notwithstanding the preceding, MHL shall preserve the right to request to give the hard copy of the document if our analysis means any doubts regarding the validity and legality of the paper.

The documents or their images must be of high resolution; all information must be clear and visible, there must be no amendments, deletions on the original of the document and its copy thereof. The materials or their photographs that are issued outside the UK/EU must be duly authorized and legalized as required under the law (*if applicable).

All documents (and such documents containing information) submitted by the Client to MHL shall be considered as valid, effective and accurate on the day of the agreement and shall remain as such on each day of the contract.

All documents must be submitted in the English language unless otherwise agreed with the company in advance. In the event, translation of the materials shall be required, and the signature of the translator must duly authorize the translation.

The Client shall bear all translation costs.

In the event, the Client fails to submit the documents that meet the above requirements, So we are entitled to refuse to accept such records and shall not take into consideration the information consisting of such materials.

To take all prudent and proper steps to prevent persons involved in money laundering, fraud, or other financial corruption, including the financing of terrorists or terrorist operations, (in the future collectively referred to as “money laundering”) from utilizing our products and services. We have developed an Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) Compliance Program to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Dear customer,

Please note that we are changing our brand identity due to conflicts in other business domains. We are only an innovation ideology organizer. Our focus business analysis, research, and significant development for projects as DevOps service provider. We do not provide any financial products or services on behalf of any company or subsidiary. If you have any query regarding our services, please feel free contact with us.

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