Privacy Policy

At MHL (MONEYCOX HOLDINGS LIMITED), we understand profoundly in guarding our users' privacy. We will not willfully expose data about our users to any third party without first receiving our users' consent.


personal information

All private information you provide via our website or email or by using any communication method will be treated as private and confidential.

We may use this data to reach you when you have tendered a form on our website and to send you marketing advice. The GDPR's legitimate reason for gathering and using this data is permission.

MHL uses computerized marketing policies to assure that the information we send you is suitable.

The system is based on measures such as job title, business, type of content downloaded, and website pages toured.

After five years of inactivity with MHL, your articles will be removed from our records.

Inactivity is described as no contact with us through website visits and downloading of data.

You have the right to revoke consent for MHL to use your information at any time.

You have the liberty to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office if you think your information is not being processed following the GDPR.

More details on your rights under the GDPR can be accessed here:

Splitting of data

MHL will not sell, rent, deal, or give away any user's data to third parties outwardly first receiving the user's consent.


We assigned to the safety of our users' personal information, and we have protection procedures in place to guard on loss, abuse, or modification of personal data under our control. Our website may include links to other websites. MHL is not liable for the privacy systems and the content of such websites. You should practice care and look at the privacy declaration relevant to the site on the topic.

Privacy Policy.

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Please note that we are changing our brand identity due to conflicts in other business domains. We are only an innovation ideology organizer. Our focus business analysis, research, and significant development for projects as DevOps service provider. We do not provide any financial products or services on behalf of any company or subsidiary. If you have any query regarding our services, please feel free contact with us.

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